Shop Michigan Expo


The Shop Michigan Expo in Michigan’s Capital City of Lansing offers micro, small and diverse businesses the chance to grow and interact with a unique market – Celebrating Diversity! Connecting Consumers!

The goal of the Shop Michigan Expo is to increase awareness and support for the micro, small and diverse business segment, which plays a crucial role in contributing to a community’s economic system. These businesses employ local citizens and are an economic engine that causes cash to move through the communities in which they do business.

The Shop Michigan Expo is open to various businesses and is focused on making lasting connections between consumers and companies. Investing in the Shop Michigan Expo will place an organization in front of current and next generation businesses and create a chance to make lasting impressions Celebrating Diversity! Connecting Consumers!

A portion of the Shop Michigan Expo proceeds will be donated to the Michigan Association of United Ways which consists of approximately 60 local United Ways who represent the largest network of non-governmental service providers and service funders in Michigan that distributes million dollars to support local health and human service organizations throughout the state.

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